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I have Arrived!

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Praise God!  After a year of waiting, a 12-hour flight, a 12-hour layover and a 4-hour flight, I am finally back in Phnom Penh!  I arrived Friday the 13th.  After being picked up at the airport I was taken straight to House of Rainbow Bridge Orphanage.  I was happy to see all of the children, but when Sok Leap came running out to hug me, my heart melted!  He came full-speed, a smile stretched across his face, and leapt into my arms.  I hugged him tightly and thanked God that we were together.  I would gladly make the entire journey again, if only for that one moment!  He stuck right by me the entire time I was there, holding my hand and hugging me.  I don’t even know words strong enough to describe the happiness!  What a blessing to be here and have him back in my life.

After spending some time at the orphanage I was brought to my new home. The girls I am living with are fantastic.  They have included me in ministry and been gracious enough to answer my never-ending questions about practical life in Cambodia.  I have my own room and even my own bathroom!  We are within walking distance to the Russian Market, which means I can find pretty much anything I need and there are several choices of restaurants with wi-fi right around the corner.

Cambodian life thus far has been hot and humid…very humid…but also filled with unexpected blessings…a giant hug from my boy, my own room and bathroom, ice in the freezer, popazon chairs in the common area, s’mores Pop-Tarts at Lucky Market and a group of girls who have taken me in and made me feel welcome.  Who could ask for more?


Written by stephndavis

August 15, 2010 at 11:50 pm