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To Spain and Back Again

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Me and Lisa at Retiro Park, Madrid

Me and Lisa at Retiro Park, Madrid

In April of this year, my best friend Lisa and I decided to use the insurance money we received from losing our belongings in her parents’ house-fire and meet for a two week rest in Spain.  After touring Madrid and Barcelona, the last three days of our trip were to be spent in Mijas, visiting some friends from the World Race.  These friends work at G42 Leadership Academy, a school for Christian leaders and missionaries in the making.

My post-vacation plans were to return to the States for a bit of rest and to spend some time simply seeking the Lord.  But as He often does, the Lord decided to seek me first.  Upon arriving at the airport to check into my flight to the US, I was informed that somehow the airline had lost my ticket.  After much prayer and discussion with friends and leadership over the next few days, I decided to remain in Spain and complete the entire six-month leadership course at G42.

All that the Lord did in my heart there would take pages to explain, but I will try to summarize.

Me with Andrew and Mo Shearman

Me with Andrew and Mo Shearman

The day I decided to stay, I was sitting in class listening to Andrew Shearman, the founder of G42, teach.  He said “You are not adopted to become a part of God’s family…when you are saved you are born again, as His child.”  As a person who grew up in church, I knew the concept of God as a Heavenly Father and had heard people talk about Him being “Daddy-God” but neither of those ever felt real.  But this time the practical reality of that truth finally took root in me.  Romans 8:16 reads “The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,”  It was the first time I could say with confidence, “God is my Dad and my Dad only wants good things for me.”  This was the day it was settled in my heart that God is good.

On the foundation of His goodness He built a new identity, security and sense of purpose.  These manifested in everything from a willingness to heal broken relationships to the freedom to dance in public (which is fun for me…maybe not so good for the public).

Over the next six months, I attended class and discovered many truths from the Scripture, learned practical aspects of leadership and ministry, began deep relationships, found a group of people I’ll be connected to for life (something I do not say lightly), and simply fell more in love with Jesus and His glory.

I occasionally struggled to justify spending six months away from Cambodia in such a beautiful place, but the Lord was faithful to confirm over and over again that my time was not being wasted.  Through scripture, through others and through His Holy Spirit whispering to my heart, He repeated again and again, “You are here for a reason.  This time is valuable.”  So I chose to trust Him and that trust has not been disappointed.  I have already seen effects of my time in Spain in the way I relate to the Lord and how I view my role in His Kingdom.

G42 Graduation, Sept 2012

G42 Graduation, Sept 2012


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